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One beautiful evening in 2009 a group of guys were sitting around a fire pit enjoying some deep conversation and some great cigars.  They talked about how special cigar culture is.  People are relaxed and open to talking about nearly any subject however profound or controversial it may be.  

One of them said, "Wouldn't it be great if we could foster these kinds of moments for people all over the world?"  


The guys around that fire that night are special people who work as missionaries in the Dominican Republic and have dedicated their lives to feeding hungry children, providing education, medical care, sports programs, business opportunities and prison reform to help make the world a better place and give people hope for eternity in Jesus name. 

And thus Crossfire was born.

Our mission is to build a company that makes premium hand-rolled cigars at an affordable price and fosters great moments of conversation that lead to life-changing relationships.

We are especially committed to the people of the Dominican Republic and helping create jobs in companies that share our values of caring about people.  All of our cigars and boxes are made in the DR to support the local economy.  We also believe in giving back.  A portion of our proceeds goes back to the non-profit foundation that serves the people of the Dominican Republic.

So when you purchase a Crossfire cigar you can be sure that you are helping to change lives.  Thanks for investing in our mission.  Grab a stick, invite your friends to join you and ignite the passion!  Enjoy!

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