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The Crossfire Story

Crossfire was born from a love for the Dominican people, their rich heritage in hand rolled premium cigars and the desire to help provide jobs, opportunity and hope in underserved communities.

In 2004, I went on a sports trip to the Dominican Republic to serve the youth of a poor community just north of Santiago. It was a great week and I made many new friends. I fell in love with the Dominican people, their culture and with the dream of impacting lives in a real significant way. As I have traveled to the Dominican year after year, my heart grew heavier and heavier to find a way to help in a very sustaining way. I was looking for a way to provide a great product at an affordable price, while creating jobs with security and a hope to build a better tomorrow.

I have a friend who shares my passion for the Dominican people. He has spent his entire life serving the people of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. He has spent a lifetime feeding hungry children, providing education, medical care, sports camps and business opportunities to help make the world a better place and give people hope for an eternity.

Our combined passions have led us to the Dominican cigar industry and so the Crossfire dream became alive.

Our mission is to build a hand rolled premium Cigar Company that will make an excellent cigar at an affordable price. We will make the cigar, boxes and labels in the Dominican to be sure that we are investing in the local economy. We will provide employment for local workers and create a family atmosphere where they can be proud to be a part of a company dedicated to giving back.

Our biggest challenge in starting this endeavor was to find a master cigar maker who shared our vision to give back to the local community. We found that maestro cigar maker in William Ventura. William has been in the cigar industry since 1974. He started with a high end cigar company and helped grow them from seven employees to more than a thousand employees by the time he left. William has perfected the craft of making great cigars!

Crossfire is truly honored today to have a partnership with William Ventura and we know that he embraces all the values that we have founded in this company. Those values are to make an excellent cigar at an affordable price while creating jobs, hope and a future for the community.

When you enjoy a Crossfire premium hand rolled cigar, you can be sure that not only are you getting an incredible cigar, your purchase is helping to change lives in the process.

Thank you for visiting our website and for making a difference in the lives of others. Enjoy a beautiful Crossfire Cigar! I know that I will.

Scott Menefee, President & CEO
Crossfire Cigars, LLC


We are a cigar importer headquartered in Louisville, KY. Our management team has taken extreme care in selecting complex blends of filler, binder and wrapper to produce a most excellent cigar.

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